At nurture we are here to support you throughout your parenting journey, with all the challenges, tears, laughter and joy that brings!

While we offer many things for the new mum and family, what about beyond - once family life develops and maybe the 2nd bundle arrives or your little bundles have grown in to teenagers?

In addition to the therapies we offer which can be used for children such as Homeopathy and Nutritional Therapy we also offer a programme tailored to older children and parenting.
Maybe you have a child who you feel could meet their potential and overcome some limiting behaviours or habits, if so then the SleepTalk for Children method may be for you. Or are you a parent who feels they need some support and information dealing with parenthood and its challenges, and to try and be the best parent you can be? Why not take a look at our Positive Parenting program (launching in early 2012).

We are adding new services and programs all the time, if you are looking for support for a particular issue not mentioned, please do let us know and we will do all we can to help you.

In the first instance, give Sian a call at Nurture on 07870 208 436 to discuss your needs, or drop Nurture a line using the contact page.