Psychology Therapies

Counselling Psychology is about people not only ‘problems’, so entering into psychological therapy is not like taking a prescription for medicine.  While the specific techniques of a therapy are important, the broader significance of a helping relationship in promoting change is itself on of the strongest findings in psychological research.  While I work to help people with problems, dilemmas or relationships that they find challenging, I often suggest that the significance of a problem can be considered in the context of one’s whole life, not in isolation.  Therapy is a creative process that unfolds through a shared commitment to enquiry and an intention to generate greater health and happiness on your path of life.

Richard Golsworthy, The Counselling Psychologist at Nurture works with adults – individuals and couples - experiencing psychological difficulty or distress.  This may sometimes be of recent onset, for example in response to particular life events.  In other circumstances, more long-standing difficulties may be traced to early life experience, often as learned ways to cope with and adapt to particular childhood realities.

Common expressions for psychological distress include depression, anxiety, grief & loss, stress, anger, trauma, obsessions, sleep difficulties and low self esteem - to mention just a few.  There are many other medical labels or diagnoses for life problems where psychological therapy can be helpful.  However, medical diagnoses usually don’t capture the unique complexity of our life experience or point towards helpful change in our actions or approach.  They also carry unhelpful assumptions about a physical cause.

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