Oki-Do Yoga

Oki-Do is a unique union of Indian Yoga, Chinese Daoism, Oriental Medicine and the Japanese Zen tradition.
It combines asanas, dynamic zen movement, sound, meditation and shiatsu. It's main purpose is to promote self-healing and increase the flow of life-force within the body, thus awakening our natural healing power.

Oki-Do invites a 'whole-hearted' approach to our practice, nourishing ourselves and the life networks to which we belong.

Classes are held at Nurture on Saturdays from 11.30am-12.45pm, with limited places pre-booking is required.

Rona studied Oki-Do intensively for 3 years in the apprenticeship style with her teacher Gail Sheppard. She has taught in both Australia and in Scotland, and also works as a 5 element Acupuncture Practitioner both at Nurture and at the Ayrshire Acupuncture Clinic in Stewarton.

To contact Rona call her on 07790 532806 or email ronagilmartin@yahoo.com.au

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