Ear Candling

Ear candling or thermal-auricular therapy is a pleasant, safe and non-invasive treatment. The treatment, previously known as Hopi ear candling has been used by Native American tribes for generations. Ear candling helps your body remove excessive ear wax, clear sinuses, alleviate rhinitis and headaches. Spiritually ear candling assists in opening up the ear chakras and augments claire-audience skills.
The therapy includes candling of both ears and a face massage enhancing the effects of the ear candling treatment. The whole procedure lasts approximately 45 mins. leaving you relaxed and at peace. Some clients observe improved hearing and find they are more sensitive to loud sounds. Remaining in a peaceful quiet environment for the remainder of the day is therefore recommended. The treatment results in a gentle detoxification so it is also advisable to drink larger amounts of water following the treatment, in order to facilitate the process.
The treatment can be repeated after 3-4 weeks depending on a condition. The gap between treatments allows the body to naturally continue the treatment and/or healing process. The treatment cost is £22 per session. Discounts on further sessions available upon agreement.
In order to book an appointment please contact Aga by email at ExpandingC@gmail.com or call her on 07751 061 716.
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