Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the use of plants medicines to encourage healing and well-being.  It dates back thousands of years and provides a gentle yet effective form of healing that works in harmony with the body.

A holistic approach to illness views each person as an individual and focuses on their particular set of symptoms.  This allows your practitioner to select specific remedies and create a herbal prescription uniquely tailored to you.

Herbal medicine may help many different illnesses and can be used alongside allopathic treatments.  It is best to see a qualified practitioner who will choose the most appropriate herbs for you and make sure your herbal remedies are safe to take with any current medications.

Herbal medicines can be administered in many forms.  Tinctures (herbal extracts in a water and alcohol solution) are most commonly prescribed.  Teas, capsules or topical applications may also be suggested and provide an alternative for those wanting to avoid alcohol.

What does a consultation involve?

An intial consultation is £45 and lasts 45 minutes.  Your herbalist will ask about your presenting complaint, past-medical history and evaluate overall health.  Prescriptions are posted out on the next working day and average £25 a month.

A follow-up consultation is usually scheduled 4 weeks later to assess treatment progress.  Follow-up consultations are £30 and can take up to 30 minutes.

For further information about Klayr Young and her Herbal Medicine practice please see www.herbalmedicineglasgow.co.uk.  To find out more, or book a consultation with Klayr, call directly on 077230 25518 or email her at klayr@herbalmedicineglasgow.co.uk.