pregnancy massage

Why massage during pregnancy?

iStock_000006423333XSmallDuring pregnancy the joints become looser and may cause many aches and pains due to the extra weight and strain being applied to it as the body prepares itself for the birth. The lower back is one area which can often become painful. Massage during pregnancy can be extremely relaxing to both mother and baby. As well as relieving the aches and pains, it gives the mother time to relax.

First trimester: 1-13 weeks

During the first trimester you may be feeling tired, emotional, anxious, short of breath and nauseous due to hormonal changes taking place in your body.
Massage in the first trimester is gentle, slow and relaxing. It can help to:

Reduce anxiety and promote relaxation
Reduce nausea
Reduce breathlessness
Boost energy levels
Relieve muscular tension
Relieve headaches
Provide nurturing and emotional support

Second trimester: 14-27 weeks

During this trimester you may start to feel the strain of the increasing weight of your baby and your limbs and joints may start to feel swollen and achy.
Massage in the second trimester includes deeper work as well as lymphatic drainage techniques where necessary and can help to:

Relieve muscular aches and pains
Promote better sleep (and encourage your baby to rest)
Prevent oedema or swelling of joints and limbs
Reduce varicose veins
Prevent stretch marks
Encourage the baby into the correct foetal position (through gentle exercises)
Emotionally prepare you for childbirth
Ensure postural awareness and correct poor posture
Involve your partner through demonstrating massage techniques

Third trimester: 28-40 weeks

Massage in the third trimester is focused on preparing you for childbirth through massage techniques, stretching and breathing exercises, helping to:

Relieve muscular aches and pains
Relieve 'restless limbs'
Reduce tiredness and promote sleep
Alleviate stress on weight-bearing joints
Reduce oedema or swelling of joints and limbs
Encourage the baby into the correct foetal position (through gentle exercises)
Emotionally and physically prepare you for childbirth
Involve your partner in birth preparation and demonstration of labour massage techniques

IMG_0852What does the session include?

Each session with Lucie may include a full consultation, massage, gentle stretching and exercises, breathing and an end of session review.

What position will I be lying in?

Pregnancy Massage is usually undertaken with you in the side-lying position, or semi-reclining with supporting cushions.

Should I advise my healthcare provider?

Yes the massage received is for low risk pregnancies only and is not intended to replace pre-natal care by your physician, obstetrician or midwife. It is highly recommended that we would work more effectively when working in collaboration with your healthcare provider.

Lucie is the Nurture Pregnancy Massage Therapist, for more info or to make a booking call Sian at Nurture on
07870 208 436 or use the contact page provided.

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