Yoga with Rox

Thursdays - 7:30-9pm Yoga and Meditation for Women.

Awakening our divine feminine, connecting with our own bodies, releasing tension, increasing strength and flexibility.

Following the feminine energies of the moons cycle classes will move through inner reflective moon salutes, active sun salutes and grounding earth salutes.  Classes may integrate relaxing postures, dynamic movements, vinyasa flows, static and balancing asana, so you develop both strength and flexibility, challenge alignment, create stability and dynamic quality, using all muscle groups; the small muscles as well as the larger ones. Sometimes the movements are small micro movements or somatic movements like only arching the small of the back off the floor, they help with relaxing and lengthening the muscles, re-educating the body.  We will complete classes with Yoga Nidra, guided relaxation, meditation.

We will also work with the wheel of the seasonal year, marking the 8 points of seasonal change during the yearly cycle.  In these special classes we will work with somatic embodiment practices: self-led movements, awakening our divine feminine.  These classes will enable you to develop a much better connection with your own body, feeling the areas that you personally need to release and giving you the freedom and courage to listen to yourself to release and unwind your own habitual tension.  During this time we will work with various meditation techniques including journeying or guided visualisations.

Yoga classes help with improving breathing, stress relief, sleep, concentration, anxiety and body tone.  It is important to focus on your own body, using your breath, sensory feedback, and proprioception as guides; only going as far as you can within your own capacity and not trying to compete with people around you.

Booking Essential.

£8 drop in/ £43 block booking for 6 classes valid over 8 weeks.

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